Boulder, Colorado — onWater, the premier water and recreation technology provider, unveils its largest update to the onWater fishing app. The update delivers a multitude of features that redefine and reinvigorate the fishing experience for anglers of all levels. onWater’s already innovative platform is now super-charged and will make planning, tracking, and reliving fishing adventures simpler and more immersive than ever before. Using onWater will help find places to fish near you. 

New Features for Enhanced Fishing Experiences

3D Maps. onWater introduces cutting-edge 3D maps, offering users a more immersive, intuitive, and realistic way to plan their fishing. These 3D maps have proven a game-changer for onWater’s testers and ambassadors, making real-life planning a breeze.

Expansive Waterways. Discover over 100,000 new rivers, creeks, and lakes, including those off the beaten path. With more water bodies to explore, anglers can experience more water near and far.

Faster Offline Maps. Improved download speeds and enhanced functionality for offline maps mean users can access their maps, even in remote fishing locations, without delay.

Redesigned Interface. onWater now boasts a sleek and user-friendly interface, making the app even more accessible and enjoyable. Get to all the information you need faster than ever.

Richer Map Layers. Choose from an array of map layers, including satellite, outdoor, dark mode, and street, catering to every angler’s preference.

Fish Species Layer. Releasing soon, the Fish Species Layer helps anglers locate fish habitats based on species. Anglers can embark on exciting adventures to discover new fishing grounds and diverse fishing experiences. 

Enhanced River Miles Tool. The updated River Miles Tool provides precise measurements for floats and walk-in access, ensuring anglers can plan their trips more effectively and remain safe on the water. 

A Vision for Empowering Anglers

onWater is the brainchild of Co-Founder and CEO Scott Carver. Carver has over three decades of experience in the fishing and technology industries. His passion is for onWater to be a part of every good fishing story, allowing anglers to confidently and safely discover unique angling opportunities.

Carver shares his thoughts on this monumental update: “After two years of feedback from anglers and industry pros, this first round of major upgrades will help anglers become more informed, self-reliant, and advocates for our waters and fish habitat.”

Carver adds: “with a tool that can be used every day, onWater is not just an app; it’s a commitment to the future of fishing. A portion of our revenue goes to impact partners, supports local conservation, science, and advocacy campaigns, all while promoting responsible recreation practices within the community. With vast angling opportunities across the country, our goal is distribute recreation rather than concentrate it.”

With onWater the Future of Fishing is NOW

Get ready to fish smarter and like never before. The new update from onWater elevates the angling experience with smarter and faster features, more water access, and a user-friendly interface. As onWater continues to evolve, the angling community will continue to embrace onWater’s first-of-a-kind features coming your way in future updates. With onWater you can find places to fish near you with ease. 

For more information about onWater, please visit, subscribe, and download the app, or reach out to the company at or call 720.316.4257.

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