Striped bass provide a wide array of angling options for fishing from South Carolina to Maine. For places to fish for striped bass, anglers can search inland rivers and lakes or coastal and shoreline waters. With emergency regulations put into place recently, the goal of increasing populations for striped bass in the eastern United States takes a step forward to increase East Coast fishing options.

The new regulations mostly affect coastal and shoreline angling for striped bass. They should have a positive affect for anglers looking for places to fish in the East.

Of special concern for places to fish are the waters of Chesapeake Bay. This large area spanning from Virginia to Maryland accounts for up to 90% of the spawning and nursey habitat for striped bass along the Atlantic coast. These regulations will protect adult fish that travel the Bay into spawning rivers. Come spring the newly hatched striped bass will migrate back to the Bay.

These regulations are in place now. For Chesapeake Bay recreational and charter boat fishing a 19-inch to 24-inch slot limit and a bag limit of one fish per person, per day will be allowed.  The rule also implements a 28-inch to 31-inch slot limit and a coastwide daily bag limit of one fish for ocean fishing. On the commercial industry fishing side of the ledger, a 7% reduction is quotas will be required.

For more information please read this story from the TRCP.


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