Never miss a boat ramp, access point, or public area when fishing a river near you with onWater’s Notify When Near Feature. With this feature you will be alerted when a big rapid or river hazard is close. Using geofencing technology, you can select any Point of Interest so you stay safe while fishing and floating a river near you. By using Notify When Near with onWater you can fish rivers, creeks, and streams close to you more confidently.

onWater’s Notify When Near feature keeps you safe and confident on the water whether you are fishing or planning to fish a river near you.

Fish and float safely with onWater

How to Use the Notify When Near Feature

1. Open a waterbody map by tapping on View Map + Points of Interest.
2. When the map view opens, you may wish to zoom in.
3. Tap on the desired Point of Interest. Its information tab will appear.
4. Slide up the information tab and tap Alert. You will need to allow onWater Location Permission.
5. Once Location Permission is allowed, onWater will notify you when you are near the chosen Point of Interest.


E-Scout Rapids, Boat Ramps, Campsites, and Public Fishing Access Areas

Never miss a boat ramp, campsite, public fishing access site, or Point of Interest Again. By being able to plan a float or fishing trip and have confidence that you will be notified when nearing a rapid, hazard, campsite, or take-out you can focus on fishing and know you will be safe. The Notify When Near Feature allows you to fish as long as possible.


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