Finding places to fish can be challenging. Finding places to launch a boat or raft may not be easy either. When you do find a boat ramp, is it public or private, improved or unmaintained, is there adjacent parking, and so on. If a great day of fishing begins and ends at the boat launch or ramp, then be sure to use these three top tips to find a boat launch near me.


Call Your Local Fly or Tackle Shop

The reputation of a local fly shop or bait and tackle shop hinges on providing accurate information. A phone call or in-person visit to a shop nearby the river, creek, or lake you are planning to fish can save some headache. Unless you fish a lot or a venturing somewhere new, you may not know the location or contact information for the nearest shop. Use onWater to locate and contact local fly and tackle shops to be sure to find the best boat launch for your fishing plans.


Use the Boat Ramp Points of Interest Feature in onWater

If you’ve narrowed your fishing plans to a certain river, creek, or lake, now you need to plan your float. Following the course of the river or shore of a lake, look for the blue boat ramp icon. Tap on the icon. That opens up detailed information about that boat ramp or boat launch. It may tell you four-wheel-drive vehicles are recommended or if there is adjacent parking. You can also check the private/public parcel information for nearby land or if the boat ramp is private and requires a fee.

Just Start Exploring…From the Comfort of Your Coach

With nearly every state mapped, you can be working at your desk and explore waters near and far. To plan short after work session or a week-long road trip, open a river, creek, or lake’s map and locate boat ramps, campsites, lodges, and more. You can find fishing reports through onWater or plan a float trip. You can also know the distances between boat ramps, more all while pretending to get work done or chilling on the couch.


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