Water temperatures are rising in many of the country’s trout streams. Even a few seconds of being out of the water can be fatal for a trout. As water temps increase, the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water decreases. Less dissolved oxygen means it is very difficult for a trout to recover from being hooked and fought. Those negative effects are exponentially amplified if taken out of the water. Take the Pledge and have a No Fish Dry July.

No Fish Dry July is an initiative to help anglers create better outcomes for each fish they release. For the month of July, Keep Fish Wet and Ten And Two Co. challenge you to make a 31-day commitment to not take a single photo of a fish.

With many places across North America experiencing extreme drought and higher than average water temperatures, the way we handle fish during the hottest time of year is crucial to their well-being. We encourage you to post other artful shots of your summer angling experience rather than grip-and-grins. This simple shift in the fishing community’s catch-and-release behavior could do years of good for your fish’s home water. Take the Pledge and have a No Fish Dry July.

No Fish Dry July was developed by Keep Fish Wet in partnership with Ten And Two Co., a design studio and consultancy. To read more about beating the heat this summer check out our blog on fishing for a species other than trout.