Note: This post was previously published in 2021.


On a classic May day in Montana—partly sunny skies, temperatures in the low 60’s degrees F, and the potential for prolific hatches of caddis—members of the onWater team spent a day on the Madison River near Ennis, Montana. Plenty of laughs were had, some fish were caught, but most importantly this dedicated team of angling professionals tested many of the exciting features of the new onWater app.



onWater was developed by anglers and professionals for anglers and professionals. Montana’s Madison River was the perfect proving ground for the team to test the various features of the app. We downloaded the app before the day and tracked our progress throughout the float to ensure our crew of two boats met up for lunch. Later in the day one of the members of our team ventured off on his own to a small side-channel and landed a nice brown trout while wade fishing. He pegged the spot in his private onWater angling journal and left the rest of us guessing to where he caught the large trout.




The team at onWater is a passionate and seasoned group of fly fishing professionals with nearly 150 years of professional experience and time on the water. From professional outfitters and guides, lodge owners, fly shop owners, fly fishing instructors, and authors we have touched nearly every corner of our sport. From these perspectives we have a deep understanding of what’s important to anglers and fly fishing professionals.



At onWater our mission is to provide modern technology to enhance the personal fly fishing experience for anglers and connect our vast community of industry stakeholders, while being resolutely committed to the conservation of our resource and angler education.

Our platform consolidates the myriad of resources available to anglers in a single, simple, intuitive, and personalized app to better inform, plan, manage, relive, and enhance a day on the water.

We are very excited to bring this exciting new app and decades of on-the-water experience paired with the latest technology know-how to help anglers enhance their own time onWater.

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