onWater Fly Fishing, an Outdoor Recreation technology provider, announces the launch of the onWater App for anglers and the fly fishing community. This new app and platform is now available with iOS and Android for mobile devices and tablets, and for desktop via onwaterapp.com.

This innovative platform delivers highly detailed, GPS-enabled angling maps along with an array of features for anglers to plan, explore, track, and relive their fly fishing adventures.

Anglers can search hundreds of hand-curated digital maps of rivers and lakes across the western United States. Satellite imagery provides GPS-specific Points of Interest and Public vs Private property boundaries along river corridors. Using their mobile device, anglers can track their current location in relationship to property boundaries or calculate distances to any Point of Interest, including access points, boat ramps, campgrounds, river hazards, fly shops, and more. This new fishing app for fly fishing is sure to be a big hit.

Each map contains a library of local resources every angler needs such as river descriptions, fishing reports, river flows, fly shops, local regulations, stream access laws, fishing license information, lodging, weather, and shuttle services. A fully integrated photo feature also allows anglers to capture river location, flows, weather, and personal notes with each photo and then organize them in the app. The onWater Bankside Blog is also filled with helpful information.

“Fly anglers are curious and adventurous by nature,” says Scott Carver, CEO and Co-Founder of onWater and fly fishing industry veteran.  “There may be plenty of information out there for them to research and plan a fishing trip, but its scattered all over the place and takes multiple web searches or phone calls to find the intelligence they need. For the first time in our industry, anglers have all that information right at their fingertips in a single, easy-to-use app.”

“More and more today’s outdoor recreation enthusiasts are looking for intelligent apps to help them with their specific activity,” Carver says. “onWater’s highly detailed, angling-specific digital maps help anglers explore their water with confidence. No more worrying about whether you’re trespassing or how far the next boat ramp is. This app tracks it for you.

”With Version 2.0 we’re just getting started”, adds Carver. “We are adding new waters every day and plan to expand coverage to more states by summer. Our broader vision is to create a platform that connects and delivers value for all stakeholders in the fly fishing ecosystem, while promoting conservation and protection of our resources. Whether you’re an individual angler, outfitter, instructor, retailer, lodge owner, or product manufacturer, we want the entire fly fishing community to experience the benefits of onWater.”

About onWater

onWater is an outdoor recreation technology provider revolutionizing the way anglers plan, explore, track and relive their fly fishing adventures. The platform is available on all mobile devices, tablets and desktops. With highly-detailed digital maps of the top fly fishing destinations and an array of related features we will enhance the fly fishing experience, promote conservation, and connect our community.

The entire onWater team, located in Colorado and Montana, are active and professional fly fishers with a passion to promote and protect our sport. onWater Co-Founder and CEO Scott Carver has over three decades of experience in the fly fishing industry and most recently his lodge, the Madison Valley Ranch, was awarded the 2021 Orvis Endorsed Fly-Fishing Lodge of the Year.

To learn more about onWater, visit www.onwaterapp.com or visit their You Tube Channel.