We want you to go fly fishing near your more and save money this Black Friday Weekend with our fly fishing Black Friday Sale. onWater helps you solve the “little things of fly fishing”

From the team at Flylords is this piece is to bring to light the things we don’t often talk about from the typical perspective of your average angler. It’s all about the painful inevitabilities of fishing, and how we adapt to them. More importantly: how we learn to love them.

This is the basis of this feature, really. While the app can make sure you don’t miss your take-out or accidentally wander onto private property, it can’t make the fish bite. There isn’t an app that exists (that we know of), that can make sure you don’t forget your fly box on the kitchen table in the morning dash out the door, or stop you from filling your waders in an unexpected hole.

But who’s to say these problems need to be solved? The elements that make the adventure an adventure are the unknown, and oftentimes, the unfortunate. Whether it’s broken tippet or broken hearts, there’s no escaping the hiccups that become the memories that keep us up at night.

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