Yellowstone National Park is known for cutthroat trout. The Midwest is known for smallmouth bass fishing and the Southeast is known for largemouth bass fishing. The East lays claim to high quality fishing for brook trout. Several states boast numerous opportunities for brook trout fishing, but Maine is arguably the East’s premier destination for fishing for brook trout.

Boasting over hundreds of miles of rivers and creeks and thousands of miles of shorelines along ponds and lakes, fishing for brook trout in the East is defined by the opportunities in the Pine Tree State.

For more information about chasing the “squaretails” in prime locations in the eastern United States, read this in-depth article from our friends at Fly Fisherman Magazine. 

From the article: You could argue that the three finest wild native brook trout rivers in America are in the Rangeley region of Maine: Rapid, lower Magalloway, and Kennebago. These rivers produce brookies that would be considered trophies anywhere, with fish over 20 inches always possible. In fact, fish less than 12 inches are the exception—not the rule.  

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