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Trout Unlimited Launches Priority Waters Initiative to Protect and Enhance Habitat and Fisheries

Trout Unlimited launches Priority Waters initiative to restore and reconnect trout and salmon watersheds. As staunch advocates for preserving and enhancing fishing for trout in local rivers, streams, and far-off waters, Trout Unlimited’s Priority Waters is rooted in science and collaboration with a vast network of volunteers and trusted partners.

From Trout Unlimited’s Priority Waters initiative:

Think of a community coming together: blueprinting ideas, getting their hands dirty, raising their voices, to ensure that the next generation experiences the magic of those fish and those waters. These are the scenes that motivate the people of Trout Unlimited and inspire our Priority Waters initiative.

From the Battenkill River in New York to the Clark Fork River in Montana to the northern California Coast, Trout Unlimited’s list of Priority Waters includes rivers, streams, or lakes that provide fishing near you. Below is a partial list of some of TU’s Priority Waters. The entire list of local waters can be found here.

Battenkill River

Bear River Watershed

Bristol Bay 

Clark Fork River

Coaster Brook Trout

Colorado River Basin

Deerfield River

Driftless Area

Frost Gully Brook

Great Lakes

Klamath River

North Coast California 

Potomac Headwaters

Ruby Mountains

Tongass Watershed

Upper Rio Grande


How to Help TU’s Priority Waters

There are many ways to help Trout Unlimited preserve, enhance, and protect these watersheds. Here’s how you can help as Trout Unlimited launches Priority Waters:

Volunteer to restore streamside habitats, remove dams, lead local science projects, and more.

Advocate to make a difference. From joining local events to contacting legislators and government officials, you can advocate in several ways. Learn more here. 

Donate today. If you’re short on time but want to make a difference, consider a donation. Donating to TU helps to protect fishing for future generations.

Join Trout Unlimited. A membership to Trout Unlimited goes to protect habitat and fisheries throughout the country. It also connects you with a local chapter to ensure grassroots efforts remain strong.

For more information on Trout Unlimited’s impact and how their Priority Waters initiative is being a force for good, visit their Priority Waters campaign and get involved today.



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