2023 is in the books. Make your 2024 a personal best for getting more out of your fishing with these fly fishing resolutions. At onWater our entire team is here to help you get more out of your fishing. To start 2024 off right with the best fishing near you, here is the onWater Fishing Resolutions List. Of course we all want to fish more and with onWater it has never been easier. In addition to fishing more this year, add the following to your fishing goals for 2024. 

Chase a new species in your backyard

You probably don’t even need to hop on a plane to land an exciting new species on the fly. America’s warmwater fisheries are frequently overlooked by fly anglers. In the heat of the summer, give the trout a rest and throw some big flies to carp, musky, or bass. Or go small and bust out the 1-weight at the local panfish pond. Regardless of what you choose, it’s always good to catch something new. 

Be friendlier on the river

We fish for various reasons: to be in nature; to challenge ourselves; for exercise; for solitude; for camaraderie. Upon encountering other anglers, offer a polite “hello” or a “how’s the fishing?” You might meet a new angling buddy, or learn of an effective fly. Help dispel the negative stereotypes of fly anglers – it doesn’t cost anything to be nice.

Before making your first cast, take five minutes and observe

This will cue you into what’s hatching, and you may even see some wildlife you might have missed when sprinting from car to riffle. Take note of how a river’s features change at different flow rates. Subtle environmental shifts can completely change fish lies and feeding behavior. Just pause, take a moment to soak in your surroundings, and make your first cast a good one. 

Introduce a friend to the sport of fly fishing

More passionate anglers brought into the fly fishing community means more people dedicated to protecting the special places we fish. Angler education is essential to the continued well-being of fisheries and the properties around them. So take a friend to the river, or attend a Trout Unlimited meeting, and show them what they’re missing. 

Learn to double haul

Ask an expert, watch an online video, or read a book. It doesn’t matter where you get the information, just dedicate time to learning this very useful skill. With the proper timing and touch, this technique unleashes the true capability of your fly line and rod. Double hauling will make you an accurate long-range caster, and, it looks pretty damn cool.

Watch your kid catch their first fish on the fly

Make a point to observe their techniques rather than staying wrapped up in your own fishing. Let them make mistakes and watch them savor the success of a bent rod and a filled net. With our busy lives, this can be hard. Commit to it and schedule time, but allow yourself to be flexible – forcing a kid to fish is no fun for anyone. Also be sure to keep instruction short and simple. Don’t over do it with complex details or prolonged sessions. 

Get into the salt game 

Catch a bonefish or permit this year. For those who have done both, you know the rush. For those who haven’t, find someone who has and invite them for coffee or a beer. Book that trip, make priceless memories, and cross some of the most thrilling saltwater species off your list. If a destination trip isn’t in the cards, try redfish, striper, or snook. They are also all worthy a trip to the ocean, so get out of the box, and go hit the beach. 

Clean your gear more frequently

Aquatic invasive species are a serious concern to anglers. When traveling from one river to another, be sure to inspect, clean, and dry your boots, waders, boats and trailers. Gear that stays clean will also serve you longer and perform better. Take care of your equipment, and it will take care of you. 

Splurge a few times

Pay the rod fee for a day on a private spring creek. Pay for a guided trip with the obnoxious in-laws – they might be more fun on a trout stream. Treat yourself to the hot new rod or reel. Beyond the onWater app, there are tons of new and innovative angling products that will help you pursue your passion.

Support your local fly shop

They are your best source for local fishing reports and free information, plus they offer specials on closeout models and demos for all the new goodies. In some parts of the country, there are only one or two fly shops within a couple hundred miles. Each of these are important centers of fly fishing culture, and are dependent on anglers willing to fish and shop local. 


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