25 species on a fly rod.

Can you say you’ve done that? Whether it is a “yes” or a “no,” you should fish in the 25 on the Fly.

Registration is now open for the 8th annual ‘Mile High 25 On the Fly’ presented by Orvis. Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 teams and additional gear will be awarded to the winners of the additional Team Challenge categories.

This fly-fishing scavenger hunt will challenge you & your best fishing buddy over 2 full days of fishing with a mission to pursue 25 eligible fish species with fly tackle only. Register and start planning your fishing now. 

The event kicks off at @anglersall fly shop on 6/15 from 3-6pm with a captain’s meeting (5pm) and control item pickup. Official tournament angling will occur on 6/17 & 6/18.

This event is proudly in support of @denvertroutunlimited and will be a fundraiser for DTU to continue their work with restoration projects on Denver’s South Platte River.












Art by @kcbadger

To be successful in the event it’s all about finding and fishing the nooks and crannies. To be efficient, you and your teammate should plan ahead to make sure you are not driving too far for a fish or challenge that might live right near your doorstep. Even better, what’s so great about fly fishing is that you determine what success looks like! For some it might be catching 2 or 3 species they haven’t put in the net before. For others, success might look like landing a personal best or a new species for the first time. Either way, it’s all about having fun, creating a plan, and going for it!

In Colorado we are fortunate to have fishable water 365 days a year. To top it off, there’s well over 25 viable species to catch on a fly rod! Included with your registration of the event will be a subscription to the On Water App which is a powerful tool for planning a fishing trip. In addition to the app, Colorado Parks and Wildlife has a plethora of resources available from stocking reports, maps, and even the option to call their office with a list of questions you would like answers to!

Key Dates/Times:

6/15/23 – Captain’s meeting and kickoff at Anglers All Fly Shop (3-6pm, Meeting at 5pm)

6/16/23 – Travel & preparation day

6/17/23 – 6am shotgun start, 8pm finish.

6/18/23 – 6am shotgun start, 3pm finish, 4:30pm awards ceremony @odellbrewingsloans

Up for a challenge?! Pick a partner, a team name and follow THIS LINK to register your team!



At onWater we understand the many reasons people fly fish, and we share your passion. As anglers we must also focus on the future of fly fishing as much as we focus on our next good drift. That future does not exist without a commitment to resource protection.

The onWater team is dedicated to maintaining and building a deep connection to the rivers, communities, and landscapes that we use, visit, and inspire us.

As a company composed of anglers who use—and benefit from using—our natural resources, we must exercise the personal responsibility to act to preserve and to enhance the resources that give us opportunity to fish, explore, and make a living.

From contributing a portion of our revenue to conservation partners, supporting conservation events and activities, or just promoting ethical behavior within our community, we believe it is our moral responsibility to give back to the resources that provide us opportunities to enjoy our sport.

Enhancing the personal experience of our anglers is what motivates us at onWater. Sustaining and conserving our natural resources and vital habitat are what inspires us to be a force of good in the fly fishing community.