Since 1876–the year Colorado became the 38th state in the union–the rivers and streams were deemed unnavigable. That could all change…or it could all stay the same. Because of a recent lawsuit challenging the long-standing notion of navigability, the Colorado Supreme Court is taking a look at stream access.

American Whitewater, Colorado River Outfitters Association, and Backcountry Hunters and Anglers are leading the charge. The three organizations have filed an amicus brief.

The case began over a decade ago when a local angler on the Arkansas was harassed by landowners. The confrontation, which included gunshots and cuss words,  has now lead to the Colorado Supreme Court. At the core of the argument is navigability and whether or not past commercial uses deem the Arkansas as a navigable waterway. The question now goes to the Colorado supreme court to discuss stream access.

To take action or to be more informed, here’s a link to a recent story in Field & Stream magazine.



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