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Prep for Opening Day Like a Pro

Opening day of fishing season is to the angler what the first game is to the hitter. A fresh start, a familiar feeling of anxious anticipation, and a chance to swing for the fences. But opening days are rarely easy, and if you head in unprepared, you'll likely strike out. Start planning for opening day [...]

3 Reasons to Love Your Local Fly Shop (And Why They Love You)

Fly shops are the one place where all anglers are welcome. Without them, fly fishing would be a hell of a lot harder to do, and let's be honest; anytime you see a fly shop, your eyes probably light up like a dog staring at a treat. Everyone loves to visit the local shop, but [...]

5 Keys to Planning Your Next DIY Fishing Trip (And How to Make it the Best One Yet)

For many of us, fishing trips are our most anticipated events of the year, and we often lose countless hours in the planning, packing and preparation. And while we all dream of extravagant adventures in far-away places, the truth is some of the best fishing trips you'll ever take are the ones you plan yourself. [...]

onWater and NRS Announce Collaboration

Moscow, Idaho and Boulder, Colorado — Northwest River Supplies (NRS), the world’s leading supplier of equipment and apparel for water recreation, safety and rescue and onWater, the most innovative water recreation GPS navigation and mapping app, are launching a collaboration to bring exciting new tools and technology to river runners and anglers. onWater provides detailed information on thousands of [...]

Embrace the Weather: Fishing in Rain, Snow, and Sun

It can be easy to get out of bed to go fishing when it's sunny, 75 degrees, and the cooler stocked. Some of us opt out on bad weather days, citing any excuse to convince ourselves we’re still tough. If you’re not going fishing on these days, you’re missing out on some great fishing opportunities. [...]

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