How an angler catches, fights, handles, and releases a fish has a major impact on its survival. As water temperatures continue to rise across the country, take the pledge this summer and keep fish wet all the time.

A variety of resources exist to educate anglers on best practices. From understanding water temperature to knowing local regulations, ensuring the viability of future fisheries depends on the behavior of anglers during times like these.

For some of the best tips on ensuring released fish survive, visit the TIPS page at Keep Fish Wet. 

To learn about warm-water fishing options near you, visit your local fly shop and inquire. If you need more direction, this post from FishWest offers a good background on the variety of warm-water fishing options. 

If you want to recreate on a river, but still aren’t sure how that might affect fish, consider rafting, kayaking, paddling, or just floating along in an inner tube. Our friends at Northwest River Supplies can always help.

For information how water temperature affects trout, read a recent blog of ours. 

By trying to keep fish wet this summer you will be doing the fish and fellow anglers lots of favors.

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