We recently hosted the first-ever Confluence. At the event, media and influencers gathered to discuss fly fishing challenges and opportunities. The event was co-hosted by the Madison Valley Ranch (2021 Orvis-Endorsed Fly-Fishing Lodge of the Year) in Ennis, Montana and featured a diverse cross-section of media and influencers who met to discuss technology and the fly fishing industry.

As fishing license sales nationwide surge, the myth of fly fishing being only for trout in high mountain streams pursued by an elite few is being challenged and dismantled every day on waters across the country. The onWater app is an exciting new platform and is uniquely prepared for the industry’s growth.

“Fishing in the United States is growing and the complexion of those participating in the sport is changing,” says onWater CEO and co-founder Scott Carver.  “For many new entrants, it can be intimidating and for long-time anglers, it can be overwhelming.”

With attendees from the American Fly Fishing Trade Association, Trout Unlimited, Brown Folks Fishing, Uncharted Outdoors Women, Northwest River Supplies, Rep Your Water, Soul River Inc., Casting for Recovery, Kooyooe Pa’a Guides, Flylords, and Fly Fisherman Magazine along with several prominent members of the media, nearly every facet of the angling ecosystem had a voice in discussing the role of technology in fishing.

Why We Hosted Confluence

“Our intention with Confluence was to bring together some of the most influential people in our industry from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives to discuss these challenges and how technology might play a positive role. We were excited to have media and influencers gather to discuss fly fishing challenges and opportunities ” adds Carver.

“From conservation to inclusivity to business sustainability, the level of insight and consideration of the future of our sport and technology’s role in it was inspiring,” claimed the visionary CEO.

During breakout sessions, the media and influencers gathered to discuss fly fishing challenges and opportunities and the myriad of ways a sophisticated app like onWater can benefit individual anglers, fishing industry stakeholders, and retail stores, and the resources so vital to healthy rivers, lakes, and streams. Accurate information can connect anglers to resources such as local fly shops and angling clubs, allowing those who might traditionally feel intimidated—women and BIPOC anglers—to explore more confidently. Conservation advocates discussed how features of the app could help pin-point sources of pollution, help with biological studies and act as a conduit for individuals to become more involved with conservation and engagement organizations.

“This is an exciting time for new innovation in our industry,” Carver says. “By bringing this diverse group together, we gained invaluable insights that will shape our vision and roadmap for years to come.”

About onWater

As an Outdoor Recreation technology provider revolutionizing the way anglers plan, explore, track, and relive their fly fishing adventures, onWater is rooted in adventure. The onWater leadership team is based in Colorado and Montana and employs full-time map-crafters throughout the country. Members of the onWater staff are active and professional anglers with a passion to promote and protect the sport. Co-Founder and CEO Scott Carver has over three decades of experience in the fly fishing industry and most recently his lodge, the Madison Valley Ranch, was awarded the 2021 Orvis-Endorsed Fly-Fishing Lodge of the Year.

The onWater app and platform is available on all mobile devices, tablets, and desktops. With highly-detailed digital maps, and an array of related features the app and platform will enhance the fly fishing experience, promote conservation, and connect our community.

Our Features

With detailed information for waters across the United States, anglers can explore thousands of miles of rivers, creeks, and shorelines. Satellite imagery provides GPS-specific Points of Interest and Public vs. Private property boundaries along river corridors. Using their mobile device, anglers can track their current location in relationship to property boundaries or calculate distances to any Point of Interest including access points, boat ramps, campgrounds, river hazards, fly shops, and more.

Each hand-crafted river, stream, or lake features a library of local resources every angler needs such as river descriptions, fishing reports, river flows, fly shops, local regulations, stream access laws, fishing license information, lodging, weather, and shuttle services.

A fully integrated photo feature also allows anglers to capture river location, flows, weather, and personal notes with each photo and then organize them in the app.

The onWater fishing app for fly fishing is proving to be a unifier in the fishing industry while allowing anglers to confidently explore and discover unique angling opportunities.

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