Blackfoot River Outfitter’s 7th Annual Ladies Night

onWater is proud to support the 7th Annual Ladies Night at Blackfoot River Outfitters in Missoula, Montana. Bring your girlfriends... fly fishing, wine, and fun! Need we say more? Learn how to: ✔️Effectively throw a rescue-throw bag ✔️Cast a fly rod (all skill levels) ✔️Tie basic knots ✔️Learn how to identify aquatic bugs ✔️Learn more about [...]

Could Colorado’s Supreme Court Change Stream Access?

Since 1876--the year Colorado became the 38th state in the union--the rivers and streams were deemed unnavigable. That could all change...or it could all stay the same. Because of a recent lawsuit challenging the long-standing notion of navigability, the Colorado Supreme Court is taking a look at stream access. American Whitewater, Colorado River Outfitters Association, [...]

3 Reasons to Love Your Local Fly Shop (And Why They Love You)

Fly shops are the one place where all anglers are welcome. Without them, fly fishing would be a hell of a lot harder to do, and let's be honest; anytime you see a fly shop, your eyes probably light up like a dog staring at a treat. Everyone loves to visit the local shop, but [...]

onWater and NRS Announce Collaboration

Moscow, Idaho and Boulder, Colorado — Northwest River Supplies (NRS), the world’s leading supplier of equipment and apparel for water recreation, safety and rescue and onWater, the most innovative water recreation GPS navigation and mapping app, are launching a collaboration to bring exciting new tools and technology to river runners and anglers. onWater provides detailed information on thousands of [...]

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