Trout and Water Temperature: To Fish or Not to Fish

As summer conditions across the West are the norm, it is important to be aware of the affect of water temperature on trout. For the next few weeks, anglers who care about the sustainability of our fisheries must incorporate knowledge of water temperatures into their daily routine more than ever before.   As water temperatures [...]

US West Snow Data Update

As much of the US West saw below average snow and precipitation in late March and April, so goes the mountain snowpack data. A few spots increased their snowpack--like southcentral Montana and a few drainages in northern Wyoming--but most of the West's major drainages saw levels drop to below historical averages. Central Oregon saw the [...]

The Most Common Fly-fishing Errors and How to Fix Them

Now that March is over, April brings on fishing season in earnest and this is the time of year we want to be on the lookout for springtime hatches and warming water temperatures, and to dust off the drift boat and tune the trailer. We are a month or so away from the well-known caddis [...]

US West Snow Data Near Normal

Across the US West most drainages are near normal for their to-date Snow Water Equivalent (SWE). This good news as many of the regions anglers can possibly expect favorable conditions for late spring and summer angling. However, with spring just starting things can change in many of these drainages. Oregon and Washington are the bright [...]

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